Is this REALLY Chicago Pizza?

I moved to Nashville 5 years ago along with my husband Dan, and my sister Kim.  We were all born and raised in Northern Illinois.  In 2010 we all decided that it was time to move to a new city to break the monotony that the recession had brought into our lives.  Dan and I didn’t exactly care where we moved and had envisioned a life in Phoenix or Denver.  Kim had mentioned her desire to move to Nashville so she could continue pursuing her music Career.  We decided that if we were all going to move somewhere, it might as well be the same place!  We came to Nashville the next month to look for a place to live and ended up signing a lease that weekend.  We were set to move in the following month!

When we arrived in Nashville, the very first thing we asked our leasing agent was “Where is the best place to order pizza from while we unpack our moving truck?” She replied with the name of a National Chain, and in that moment our hearts sunk.  We are definitely not in Kansas anymore!  You see, in Chicagoland, you can throw a rock and hit an amazing pizza shop.  It is almost unheard of to call a national chain, unless you are very drunk, or it is past delivery time of the local shop.  We spent the next year eating our way through the Nashville pizza scene.  We found a few go to spots such as Five Points Pizza, Mafiaoza’s, and Angelos. These were great spots that really took care to make their pizzas fresh, BUT, they were more of a New York style pie.  We really started to miss Chicago pizza.   

 My family on both my Mom and my Dad’s side have lived in Chicago for many generations.  My grandma on my mom’s side grew up in Chicago’s Little Italy.  She learned how to make many Italian dishes from her neighbors and friends.  One of the recipes we have had in our family for years is a thin crust pizza recipe that came from Little Italy.  We make it exactly the same way.  This recipe used to be used in a neighborhood pizza shop. 

 We started making pizza in our kitchen.  We would make deep dish and thin crust. We used to have friends over all the time to taste our latest creations.  Whenever friends would visit us from Chicago, I would make sure to have a deep dish pie ready for them to try.  I would always tell them to give me their honest opinion.  I wanted to know if they would go out and pay for this back home in Chicago.  We got such rave reviews from our Chicago family and friends that we decided to move forward with opening a Chicago themed restaurant.

We bring our family’s recipes and style to Nashville.  We are Chicagoans that moved to Nashville and we have a passion for Chicago food.  We know that everyone comes from a different neighborhood or suburb and we know that everyone’s taste preference is different, but we promise we will always serve you fresh food cooked in house and from scratch!

 A slice of our cheese deep dish!

A slice of our cheese deep dish!