Our Story

Our family moved to Nashville in 2011 and fell in love with the culture, friendly people, and the small town - big city feel.  Everything was perfect except one thing, we really missed our Chicago food.  So we began making pizzas at home and sharing with everyone we could.  Based on all the positive feedback we started thinking, maybe we can scrape together enough money and open a place of our own. In a bold move, Bill, the patriarch of the family, decided to clear out his retirement account to fund this wild and crazy idea.  The search began and months later we came across a corner spot in the up and coming neighborhood of Germantown.  It immediately reminded us of the streets of Chicago. It felt like home and we knew we were meant to land here. 

The history of our pizza starts generations ago in the Chicago neighborhood of Little Italy where our grandmother was taught how to make pizza sauce from her neighbor, who just happened to operate a pizzeria.  One day when asked what she was making for dinner, she replied with “pizza from a box!”  Her neighbor hung his head slightly, chuckled, and proceeded to write down recipes for sauce and dough. The recipes have made an appearance here and there over the years, but making pizza at home is time consuming and messy. It wasn’t until 2013 that we decided to break the recipes out of hiding for good. We are now proud to serve those as our pizza sauce and thin crust.

There was nothing easy about creating our deep dish dough.  Every Chicago pizza place has their own unique and often secret recipe.  Some have a biscuit flakiness while others seem heavy in corn meal.  Some are fluffy while others are dense.  We spent many nights testing recipes until we found one that reminded us of “our Chicago.”  We use the highest quality ingredients we can find and make our dough fresh daily without preservatives.  We then matched our dough with the best Mozzarella cheese we could find, hoping that when you eat our deep dish, you taste and appreciate everything we do.

Our family, Stormy, William, Kimberly, Staci and Daniel want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for dining with us.  We know you can eat anywhere and we know you are sacrificing extra time for our hand crafted, slow baked pizzas. Every detail of our food and our restaurant comes from a combined 200 years of Chicago living, eating, drinking, and snow shoveling.  We are so humbled and appreciative that you chose to share our Chicago culture here in the amazing city of Nashville.



(615) 730-7888



371 Monroe St
Nashville, TN 37208



M-Th 11a–10p
F-Sa 11a–12a
Su 11a–10p

Our Pledge: To Cook Your Food, not just heat it up.

Everything we serve you is either made from scratch or sourced locally. We even make our own ketchup and salad dressings. However, we do import Vienna Buns, Giardiniera and Turano Rolls from Chicago.


  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Use only real Cane Sugar (Not bleached and processed)
  • Use free range, no hormone or antibiotic chicken and beef
  • Use only Cage Free Eggs
  • Use Non GMO Flour (Never Bleached or Bromated)
  • Use Rice Bran Fryer Oil
  • Use only fresh juices made daily from real fruit
  • Use local and organic produce when possible
  • Use Real Tennessee Milk free from artificial growth hormones
  • Use only Kosher and Sea Salt